Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) services offered by us consist in searching for information and organizing it into a custom-tailored knowledge-base.  The information sources under scrutiny comprise all unclassified Polish sources open to general public. Specifically, these involve:

  • state, local and legal registers concerning businesses, people and real estates
  • state and church archives (mostly non-digitalized)
  • state statistics and business market analyses
  • marketing leaflets published by companies and organizations
  • media - current and archived radio and television programs
  • press materials - daily and periodical, general interest and specialized, current and archived sources
  • academic sources - book releases, conferences and symposia materials, academic papers, etc.
  • Web: WWW, user-generated content, Deep Web, web archives
Since in Poland a big part of important knowledge and a great majority of essential documents are still unavailable in the digital format, it is of strategic value to know how to localize such sources and how to obtain direct access to them. We offer competent services in identifying relevant and reliable sources; the output of our work results from the process of intelligent selection from among the multitude of publicly available sources. The obtained information is subsequently expertly organized into a network of relations and dependencies crafted to meet the needs of a specific individual or group.

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