Real Estate Research
Open Source Intelligence services offered by us include preparing detailed studies concerning the real-estate market in Poland. Detailed analyses of this segment of the market enable our customers to make informed decisions and take strategic steps.
Our real-estate market studies may relate to:
·         the whole area of Poland
·         a specific region(s) or local area(s)
·         specific realties
Our real-estate market studies may concern:
·         Economic and market aspects
·         Legal aspects
·         Construction aspects
Our real-estate market studies rely on a variety of sources, such as:
·         State and regional (self-governmental) data and statistics
·         Professional periodicals and commercial reports
·         Professional associations’ materials
·         Land registers, cadastres
·         Satellite imagery and maps, GPS data, cadastral maps, historical maps
·         Geological and geophysical information
·         Legal acts (current and past)
In the process of preparing the studies, we cooperate with a group of experts. When need arises, we contract to have necessary analyses made and/or documents issued.