Commercial Intelligence (CI) services offered by us involve actions aimed at defining, gathering, analyzing information about products, customers and competitors. This information is intended to support the process of taking strategic decisions by executives and managers of companies and organizations. Our offer involves converting the gathered information into intelligence.

We address our services to companies and individuals who:
- search for a market for their products in Poland
- search for suppliers of goods and services in Poland
- search for business or trade partners in Poland
- wish to verify the credibility of their Polish partners
- wish to monitor business activity of their Polish partners or competitors

The main areas of our activity in the area of CI involve:
- state, local and legal registers concerning businesses (including financial data and property data)
- information on ownership, shareholders and equity links
- state statistics and business market analyses
- marketing leaflets published by companies and organizations
- media - current and archived radio and television programs
- press materials - daily and periodical, general interest and specialized, current and archived sources
- Web: WWW, user-generated content, Deep Web, web archives

The information obtained is subsequently analyzed and verified by experts who assess its credibility and compliance with the Polish law and market reality. Such knowledge is indispensable for running a safe and successful business in Poland.


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