Biografical & Genealogy Research
Open Source Intelligence services offered by us include conducting search for biographical data concerning historical figures and living persons; we also carry genealogical research.
In our work we guarantee the highest standards of confidentiality with respect to the privacy of the persons and families involved. During data collection, we discriminate between un-sourced or poorly sourced information (e.g. rumors and ‘hearsay’-type of information) and verifiable facts and authored opinions. All information is thoroughly verified.
The information sources under scrutiny comprise all unclassified Polish sources open to general public. Specifically, these involve:
·         state, local and legal registers concerning people (contemporary and historical)
·         state and church archives (mostly non-digitalized)
·         media - current and archived radio and television programs
·         press materials - current and archived sources
·         Web: WWW, user-generated content, Deep Web, web archives
Thanks to effective co-operation with genealogists and historians, we gain access to many unique sources of historical information.