New information is produced in the world unceasingly. The global amount of digital data exclusively doubles every two years; it reached the level of 1.8 trillion gigabytes in 2011. Some of this information is generated in Poland.

Seemingly quick and easy, the process of accessing the right information, extracting the sought knowledge and building an informative data-base becomes more and more difficult.
This is our offer. We provide high quality information obtained from selected, thoroughly verified sources organized into a structure of net-like connections, directional relations and mutual dependencies. The scope of our research encompasses digital and non-digital (traditional, historical) sources of information on companies, organizations, people and events operating in Poland.
Our Values and Principles at Work:
- competence and truthfulness
- punctuality
- confidentiality

Our clients receive transparent guidelines through the chaos of available information. Organized into an informative system of knowledge and rated with reference to the weight of the information included, our Final Reports enable our clients to achieve their goals in Poland.

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